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How it works

Tinycart is a simple shopping cart that you paste (aka "Buy Links") into your website.

Paste a simple cart widget into your website's header.

Tinycart populates the values based on what's in your customer's cart.

A simple web page with a Tinycart buy link and a cart / checkout link in the top right corner.

Paste buy links or buttons into your pages / blog posts. Style them any way you'd like.

Your customers check out directly on your website.

No redirects, no nonsense.

Just a simple, in-page order form.

A simple web page with the Tinycart checkout activated.

When a customer clicks on your buy link, Tinycart springs into action.

Single-page checkout

Tinycart uses a one page checkout flow that lets customers enter their address and payment info without ever leaving the page.

Our one page flow also means that when the customer finishes checking out they're back on the same page of your website that they started on.

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Conversion rate optimization

Because Tinycart is such a simple shopping cart, more of your shoppers will become buyers (i.e., they will "convert").

We're confident you'll increase your sales when you add Tinycart to your website.

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Works with your blog!

Adding Tinycart to your blog is as easy as pasting a script, much like you would do to add analytics.

Then, you just paste an add to cart link for each item you want to sell.

Even though Tinycart is easy to add to any website, we've made a page to help you get started.

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What Tinycart is not

Tinycart not a website host or CMS. Our ecommerce software is designed to let you sell from any website or CMS.

It's even possible to use Tinycart as a drop-in replacement for your existing shopping cart's checkout.

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